Titles, Credits & Subtitles:

Choose a font that fits the theme or style of the movie, remember to credit any artist, custom content creator (if you want to) and voice-actors in the final credits. If you’re using subtitles instead of voice-overs, find someone to act as a previewer so you can test the speed of the subtitles, many people rush them and make sure the font is easy to read.

Effects & Transitions:

One common mistake new filmmakers make is to add too many fancy effects and different types of transitions. This can be dizzying for the viewer and just overpowers the movie, less is often more.

More Advanced Tips: these tips will be more relevant to Sony Vegas, as we use that to edit our movie, but a more advanced editor than WMM should have these capabilities.

Panning, Cropping, Zooming:

Panning (moving sideways to get a panoramic view) and zooming (moving in closer or further away) are two common techniques in video. Both effects are easy to accomplish in Vegas and can be used to add interest to still images or alter videos. Cropping removes unwanted portions. To crop/pan a still image begin by placing it on the timeline. Clicking on the top icon opens the pan/crop, for how-to see this Tutorial.

Chroma Keying/ Blue-screening:

A chroma key is the removal of a color (or small color range) from one image to reveal another image “behind” it. The removed color becomes transparent. We used this technique to film the ship on the neighbourhood water in ‘A Mermaid’s Tale’. The reason blue is used for weather maps and movie special effects is because it is complementary to human skin tone and therefore is easier to key out. However, in many instances green has become the favoured colour mainly because green is easier to key and because green is not found as frequently on clothing. You can download blue/green floors and walls to build a blue-screen set (see our links below) or make some in HomeCrafter ( download from the Sims2 site). For how-to read this tutorial: Chroma Keying in Vegas.

NB. A bluescreen set for the Sims 2 and various coloured walls are available to download from the Useful Mods and Hacks section of this tutorial, unfortunately they are uncredited, if anyone knows the original creators we would love to be able to credit them.

Chroma-Keying with Windows Media Maker:

I’ve read that you can achieve a bluescreen effect with the Windows Media Maker editor by editing the files first, you can read more in this forum threads:

Link 1
Link 2


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